Tenacious Sound at Capital Audiofest 2018

10 World Premieres | 2 North American Premieres. | 8 Complete Systems

Lincoln Room | Room 315 | Room 317 | Room 319

Capital Audiofest is always an enjoyable event for us here at Tenacious Sound. Each year, we do our best to make attendees experience at the show a memorable one. But this year, we’ve pulled all the stops. Not only are we showing some of the best gear in the world, but we’re giving you a chance to walk away with some of it. Read on for all the details.

List of World Premiere Gear

  1. TAD Evolution One TX Loudspeakers— This is the first time a production model has been exhibited in the world.
  2. TAD-M1000 Power Amplifier
  3. Unison Research Unico Due Integrated Amplifier/DAC
  4. Coda Model S20 Power Amplifier
  5. Coda Model S250 Power Amplifier
  6. Audience SX Front Row Interconnects, Speaker Cables, and Power Cord
  7. Audience Ohno X Interconnects and Power Cord
  8. Audience V8 Power Conditioner
  9. Audience Hidden Treasure Wall Outlet
  10. Audience Hidden Treasure In-wall Power Cord
  11. Soundsmith Hyperion ES ($7995) and Paua ES ($3995) Cartridges

List of North American Premiere Gear

  1. Quad Hifi Artera Solus Integrated Amp/DAC/CD Player
  2. Quad Hifi Vena II

Eight Complete Systems

Lincoln Room, System 1

TAD DA1000 DAC ($12,995)
TAD M1000 Amplifier ($24,995)
TAD CE-1 Loudspeakers ($24,995)
Isotek Sigmas Power Conditioner ($3,995)
Audience SX interconnects, speaker cables, and power cables

Lincoln Room, System 2

TAD E1TX Loudspeakers ($28,995)
TAD C600 preamplifier ($40,000)
Coda System 250 amplifier ($27,500)
TAD M600 mono amplifiers ($75,000/pr)
BAT REX DAC ($19,995)
TAD D600 SACD/CD/DAC ($42,000)
Wolf Audio Alpha 3 Media Server ($5995)
Isotek EVO3 Mosaic Genesis ($9995)
Feickert Firebird turntable with Soundsmith Hyperion ($7995) cartridge
Audience “Front Row” interconnects, speaker cables, and power cables

Room 319, System 1

Quad Z3 loudspeakers ($2995)
Isoacoustic Gaia III feet ($199/4)
Unison Research Due integrated amp/DAC ($3500)
Wolf Audio Luna media server ($3600)
Primare SC-15 Prisma ($1795)
Audience Ohno X interconnects & speaker cables
Isotek Aquarius ($1995)

Room 319, System 2

TAD ME loudspeakers ($14,995)
Primare Pre35 ($4995)
Coda S20 amplifier ($5495)
Feickert Volare ($3500) with Soundsmith Paua ES ($3995)
Soundmith MCP2 Phono Preamp ($1195)
Audience SX interconnects and speaker cables

Room 317, System 1

Quad Vena II amplifier/DAC ($995)
Quad S1 loudspeaker combination ($1500)
Audience Ohno speaker cables
Audience V8 power conditioner

Room 317, System 2

Quad Vena II amplifier/DAC ($995)
Wharfedale Crystal 4.3 speakers ($495)
Audience Ohno speaker cables
Audience V8 power conditioner

Room 315, System 1

Quad Artera Solus integrated amp/DAC/CD ($1999)
Quad S4 loudspeakers ($1799)
Audience Ohno X interconnects & speaker cables.

Room 315, System 2

Primare I15 Prisma ($1999)
Wharfedale Diamond 11.4 loudspeakers ($1199)
Audience Ohno X interconnects & speaker cables.

Show Specials

If you order a pair of Quad HiFi Z-3 speakers at the show, not only will you get free shipping, but we’ll cover any sales taxes plus we’ll include a set of Isoacoustics Gaia3 isolation feet for free. That’s a $400 value!

Next, we’re offering $50 off Audience’s Hidden Treasure Wall Outlets. They’ll be on sale at the show only for $150.

The Tenacious Sound Passport

We’re exhibiting an amazing eight systems across four jam-packed rooms. Be sure to pick up your Tenacious Sound Passport for your chance to win some great gear. All you have to do is have your passport stamped when you listen to a system. If you get four stamps, you’re in the running. More details at the show!

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