PW 600


Premium Wireless 600 Compact Stereo SpeakerPremium Wireless 600 Compact Stereo Speaker Fully powered compact stereo speaker with built-in Anthem® Class-D amplifier that streams lossless audio wirelessly over standard Wi-Fi networks.
Paradigm’s Premium Wireless Series delivers more dynamic streaming Wi-Fi audio. It accomplishes this with advanced engineering and high-quality materials, as well as the most innovative streaming technology available. The difference is clearly audible, with a wider dynamic range, crisp details and bigger bass response. The Premium Wireless Series achieves surprisingly bold wireless sound reproduction.

Dual 1″ S-PAL™ tweeters (stereo), ferro-fluid damped / cooled, with extended pistonic range.5″ S-PAL™ bass/midrange driver with high-excursion foam-rubber elastomer surrounds, 1″ high-temp voice coil.Anthem® Class-D Amp; 400W Dynamic Peak; 200W RMS; Anthem Room Correction – ARC™, with included calibrated digital microphone.
Dimensions: 10″ H × 6.5″ W × 5.5″ D

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