Room 1222

System 1

EgglestonWorks Kiva loudspeakers

This is the first time the Kiva has ever been actively demonstrated at any show in the world!

$14,995/pr +$500 for custom Porsche Albert Blue finish

  • 5”x22”x48”, 130lbs
  • 29hz-24khz
  • Dual 7.5” woofers
  • twin 6.5” mids in quasi-transmission line
  • 1.38” softdome tweeter.

CODA Technologies CSiB, v2 integrated amplifier

Newly revised circuitry. First 12 watts/ch class A.


Wolf Audio Systems Luna Music Server


Bryston BDA-3 DAC


Isotek Sigmas power conditioner


Audience SX speaker cables


Audience SX balanced interconnects


Audience Forte power chords


SolidSteel Rack

System Two

EgglestonWorks Nico Evo loudspeakers

World Premiere!

$4295/pr +$495 for matching stands

  • 5”x14”x18”, 30lbs
  • 45hz-24khz
  • 6” custom Morel woofer and 1” custom tweeter

Primare I35 Integrated amplifier w/streaming DAC


Audience 2.5m Ohno III speaker cables


Audience Forte power chord


Room 1225

System 1

TAD Evolution E1tx loudspeakers

AXPONA debut!


  • 13”x20”x48”, 101 lbs
  • 29hz-70khz
  • Dual custom 7” woofers, CST coaxial midrange/tweeter array. Bi-directional ADS ports

CODA Technologies Model 8, v2 power amplifier

World Premiere!


  • 150w/ch @8ohms, 300w/[email protected] oms – first 18 watts/ch class A
  • 10 year warranty, made in USA

CODA Technologies 07x FET preamplifier


CODA Technologies 06x phono preamplifier

First time ever demonstrated at a show worldwide!


Wolf Audio Systems Alpha 3 Music Server




Audience power conditioner


Audience SX 2.5m speaker cables


Audience SX balanced interconnect


Audience SX power chords


SolidSteel Rack

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