House Calls

Here at Tenacious Sound, we pride ourselves on our customer service.

You’ve probably heard that a million times before, from a million different companies. Everyone says they have great customer service, but just how far are they really willing to go?

If you buy home audio products from Tenacious Sound, we are more than willing to go to your home and help you set everything up. We’ll hook it up for you, show you how to operate it and even offer tips to make it all sound even better. As long as you live in the greater Syracuse metro area, we’ll stop by and ensure that you’re 100% happy with your purchase.

There are probably common sense limits to such a bold offer. If you buy a pair of headphones from us, we won’t drive all the way over to make sure they’re on your head the right way. But we also won’t push you out the front door with a pair of 200 lb. speakers and say, “Good luck, you’re on your own!”

We will, however,┬ádo everything we can to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your Tenacious Sound purchase. Just ask.

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