If you want to hear music with the passion, energy, tone, and soul of the original performance, or movies with the excitement, drama, and scale that often even commercial movie theaters can’t portray, you owe it to yourself to see what Tenacious Sound has to offer.

We pride ourselves on providing far superior results and service than the big box stores.  From $29 headphones to world-class two-channel and theater systems, we have you covered.


We’ll fly you in

Make a single purchase over $10,000 and Tenacious Should will fly you in for a demo and training.

Get full value in trade

Upgrade to something double the price of your original purchase and Tenacious Sound will give you FULL VALUE in trade.

30 to 60 day returns

Tenacious Sound offers a 30 day return policy on everything. Well, not EVERYTHING… We offer 60 days on some.

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