Tuesday Night Listening Club

Ever since Tenacious Sound opened on Jefferson St. in Armory Square last November, we’ve discussed having a Tuesday Night Listening Club. The idea behind such a club is that people can come in and listen to music–even their favorite music brought from home–on a variety of sound systems.

While it may seem like such a club is just another marketing opportunity, we see it differently. We’ve spent a huge chunk of our lives in other high-end audio stores over the years, and one of the most thrilling things about being an audiophile is to meet other audiophiles and listen to all sorts of music and gear.

Being an audiophile can be a lonely hobby. It’s all about sitting in a chair, in the sweet spot, and listening to music critically–often by yourself. High-end audio is so much more fun, however, when you pursue it with friends. Hence, the Tuesday Night Listening Club!

Our first meeting will be tonight, June 21, from 6-8pm. It will be sort of a dry run for us–we’re just going to open the doors and see who shows up. Maybe we’ll order a couple of pizzas from Nick’s around the corner. But in the future, we want TNLC to be a major part of Tenacious Sound.

So please stop by tonight. We’re at 270 W. Jefferson St. in the heart of Armory Square in downtown Syracuse. See you here!

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